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Calidarium is a thermal bath located in the cave with saline and hydro massage. Therapeutic effect of thermal baths has been known for centuries.  Romans loved taking thermal baths and used their healing powers. The minerals that are penetrating the skin to its deep levels support immune system, renew the cells and support collagen synthesis. 

Floral steam room

When you decide to take the floral bath, you will be surrounded by the natural aromas which make you feel like within a flower cup. Temperature of this bath is 50 ° C and humidity is 100%, recommended bath time is 10-20 minutes. Floral bath provides skin, hair and respiratory system care and supports detoxification process. Unlike traditional steam rooms, floral bath combines the healing powers of warm saunas and steam of the traditional steam rooms.


Key element of the Spa treatments is interchanging heating and cooling of one’s body; training for the circulatory system.  Frigidarium is a cold well, a small pool where we can cool our body from head to toes.

Herbal steam room

When you decide to take the herbal bath, you will feel like on an alpine meadow, surrounded by the aroma of real herbs. Temperature of this bath is 40-50 ° C and humidity is 100%, recommended bath time – 10-20 minutes.  Herbal flavors soothe one’s mood.


Another element of the Roman Thermea – it is a steam room – like chamber but with no steam baths. Warm comes from the heating placed in walls and sits. Therapeutic effect is reinforced by aromas and a body profiled sits.

Rasul – mud baths

This baths combines four Elements: water, fire, air and earth into an extraordinary experience. In this ceremony earths of different colors and granulation are applied to your body and then you take a bath in the steam room. This provides extensive care and renewal of the skin. During the session, you will be enchanted by the oriental beauty of Rasul, with its unique atmosphere and aromas. Rasul treatment is a body wrap, sauna and steam bath, peeling and inhalation at the same time. There are 2 mud baths in our Thermea  – for two and for four people.

Salt water graduation

Salt steam bath is a combination of salt inhalation and traditional steam room which is healthy for respiratory system. Temperature is no higher than 50°C and humidity is 80%, Saline runs down the graduation providing intensive iodine inhalation; 30 minutes session in this bath equals a week stay at the sea shore.

Sauna of Cesar (Finish sauna)

Temperature - 95 ° C and humidity- 10-15%, recommended bath time- 7-15 minutes. This sauna is a place where you can sweat and release toxins from the body what makes you feel fresh. Additionally, stones glazed with water and essential oils create steam that ionizes the air. This treatment reduces stress, feeling of tiredness and anxiety. We invite to every day Steam Sessions but we especially recommend the session with sea salt. During this session, we rub the body with salt. This is an excellent skin peeling. Sauna of Cesar can accommodate up to 45 persons.

Sauna of Cleopatra

Temperature - 75 ° C and humidity- 15-20%, recommended bath time is longer - 10-20 minutes. Stones ale glazed every 7 minutes with perfumed oils. Flower shapes on the ceiling change colors, which additionally intensifies the relaxation. Sauna of Cleopatra can accommodate up to 34 persons.

Sauna of Impressions

Temperature- 65 ° C and humidity- 60%, recommended bath time 15-25% minutes. Therapeutic effect of this sauna is supported by a window-like screen displaying views from the most beautiful places in the world, by color and aromas. We can stay longer due to the lower temperature. This sauna is an excellent place for those, who did not have time for holidays as it takes you to the mountains or sea shore where you can watch a breathtaking sunset. Bio Sauna can accommodate up to 22 persons.

Temple of Saturn (steam sessions)

Najpiękniejsza i prawdopodobnie największa sauna zewnętrzna w Europie, która jest w stanie pomieścić jednocześnie ponad 100 osób. Wspaniały relaks w Świątyni zapewnia kominek, znajdujący się w samym sercu sauny. W saunie tej odbywają się seanse i rytuały saunowe. To sauna sucha o wilgotności 10-15% i temperaturze 100 stopni C. Zalecany czas przebywania 7-15 min.

Temple of Water

Another outstanding attraction of the saunas area in the Roman Thermea are Impression Showers. 
We can experience Scottish showers, cascades, cold water buckets, oil and colored showers by using a control panel.  Colors, perfume oils, mist and the temperatures that can be adjusted as you wish, reinforce the impression. This is to satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes.


Tepidarium is s a rest room with ceramic, profiled and heated deck chairs. The temperature of this chamber is close to normal human body temperature – around 37-39 C.  Warm and low humidity, as well as the aromas, are very relaxing and refreshing and prevent from a cold. 

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