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VIP Zone

  • Everybody knows that all roads lead to Rome...

There is a special VIP area available for our most precious quests. This area is inspired by the most charming places of the Roman Empire. The intention is to allow our clients to forget for a moment about the outside world, so they can feel like gods. Treatments will help to regain the vital energy and to slow down the time. The highest standards are guaranteed.

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Plan Term Rzymskich strefa VIP
1.Gabinet zabiegowy

2.Podwójny gabinet zabiegowy z wanną

3.Recepcja VIP

4.Apodyterion Szatnie Męskie, WC, Prysznic


5.Apodyterion Szatnie Damskie, WC, Prysznic

6.Tarasy zielone

7.Zejście do Term


Card Person Duration Monthly cost Promotion
VIP for 1 day 1 1 day 100,00 zł -
VIP Premium 2 1 months 1500,00 zł* 1200,00 zł
VIP 1 1 months 900,00 zł* 700,00 zł


  • Valid from the date of issue
  • VIP Secure parking space included
  • Separate VIP Reception
  • VIP Locker rooms
  • Cosmetics – soap, deodorant, creams
  • Priority in reservations
  • Optionally named bath robe
  • Named card
  • Discount of 10% if the whole payment is in advance
  • Free towels
  • Free bath robes
  • Free slippers
  • Discount of 10% 10% to all Saturn’s Palace and The Roman Thermea offerings

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Hours of operation

Mon. - Fri. 15.00 - 22.45
Sat. and Christmas 10.00 - 23.00
Sunday 10.00 - 22.00

Quick contact

Tel +48 32 290 13 90
Tel +48 32 267 26 98


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