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Wellness & SPA

Massage („touching, pressing“) used for centuries as a therapy is one of the oldest forms of treatment. During massage, we use different techniques to rub, knead and gently press various parts of the body. Through skilful grips, a therapist removes blockades from the body, restores and reinforces blood circulation. We can release tension and pain from the body and thus support a healing process.

Apart from classical massage, there is a whole group of Asian forms. Asian techniques put special emphasis on the balance between mind and body. Nowadays, massage has become not only a physical form of therapy but also a way to reduce stress. It is a very good way to fight with depression and to find the way to inner peace.

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Hours of operation

Mon. - Fri. 15.00 - 22.45
Sat. and Christmas 10.00 - 23.00
Sunday 10.00 - 22.00

Quick contact

Tel +48 32 290 13 90
Tel +48 32 267 26 98


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