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Chocolate and coffee Hammam

Hammam ceremony with chocolate and coffee peeling. Coffee speeds up metabolism and enhances circulation. Skin is free of dead skin epidermis.

PRICE: 45 min – 135 PLN

Coconut Hammam

Hammam ceremony with coconut peeling. Coconut helps to reduce cellulite and moisturizing dry skin which becomes supple and smooth.

PRICE: 45 min – 135 PLN

Fruit Hammam

Hammam ceremony with fruit peeling. Deeply hydrating, leaving your skin healthy glow. Perfect for dry skin.

PRICE: 45 min – 135 PLN

Hammam ceremony

It is combined of a vapour bath, whole body peeling, foam massage and nourishing the skin with essential oils. The effects are unusually velvety and perfectly purified skin.

PRICE: 45 min - 115 PLN / De Lux Hammam 60 min - 150 PLN

Sea salt and herbs Hammam

Hammam ceremony with sea salt and herbs peeling. Sea salt remove rough and dry skin, helps for cellulite.

PRICE: 45 min – 135 PLN

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Hours of operation

Mon. - Fri. 15.00 - 22.45
Sat. and Christmas 10.00 - 23.00
Sunday 10.00 - 22.00

Quick contact

Tel +48 32 290 13 90
Tel +48 32 267 26 98


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